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About Us

Our Mission Statement
Contributing to the development of a more caring society in the belief that the solution of most human problems lies in the love and understanding of one human being for another. Preserving the solidarity of families, the fundamental building block of society. Maintaining honesty, integrity, and quality in all aspects of our service.

Providing hospice services through our dedicated team (nurses, homemakers, home health aides, physicians, social workers, chaplains, and therapists) who work in the hospice field. Promoting and encouraging continued communication between our staff, our patients, and their families.

Requiring compassion and the universal right of access to the highest quality of hospice care and supportive services for all.

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Working together for our families and patients Co-Founders Salute Hospice, Inc.
Cecy & Dave

A note from Salute Hospice’s Co-Founder, Dr. David Little

Salute Hospice was started after Cecilia and I discovered the we had a shared passion in life for helping others. I had become familiar with hospice and palliative care from my many years in private practice in Southern California. The vast majority of my patients are seniors and many have experienced hospice and palliative care themselves or through their families. I have always been drawn to the comfort first and dignity preservation philosophies of hospice care, so whenever I had a patient who was in hospice care or had a family member who was in a hospice care, I would ask a lot of questions and try to learn what I could about their experiences.

I began to recognize that many families, although they were ultimately happy that they or their family member chose hospice, could have had an even better experience. The overwhelmingly biggest frustration with the families I spoke to was accessibility and/or responsiveness of the hospice agency they chose. Others voiced frustrations with one of the nurses or staff members or felt there was not enough assistance in planning for their loved ones passing.

Subsequently, my wife and I went through the hospice experience with my own father when he passed. I saw first hand how a proud man could pass with dignity and self-respect around his family and loved ones while being kept comfortable throughout the process. That sealed the deal and convinced us that hospice and comfort care was our calling and that calling resulted in Salute Hospice.

At Salute Hospice, we work only with people who feel that same passion for the philosophy and care that hospice is built around. We are committed to being the most responsive and compassionate agency offering services in Southern California and we will always work towards achieving that goal!